Past Year One Test Papers

Here is a link to past test papers to help your child at home. Children are allowed to dot and dash the words to help blend them to read. For instance, they would be allowed to mark up the following words, to read each sound individually, then blend to read.

Adults would not be permitted to help them. 

Ask your child to tell you the ‘special friends’  and mark them up.

For example, ‘th’ in think are special friends as they make one sound.

‘ay’ in play are special friends as together they make one sound in the word play.

‘igh’ in flight are also special friends as the three letters together make one pure sound.







past papers

The pass mark has previously been 32 / 40.

Mrs. Quinn

Syllables Overview Video

Here is a quick whistle stop lesson for parents who aren’t confident identifying syllables in words. Stay with it… the examples make it clear, and you do much of it naturally.

Syllables overview for parents

Say a word – get your child to physically clap or jump the syllables; Put their hand under their chin and feel how many times their chin ‘bobs’ to count the syllables.

Or, try saying a word in its syllable parts – like a robot – can your child hear the word?

Start with their name…

mum-my -= mummy

Win-ter = Winter

tea-cher = teacher

sun-set = sunset

ra-di-o = radio


croc -o-dile = crocodile

ap-ple = apple

but-ter-fly = butterfly

car-pet = carpet


hot = hot

cold = cold